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We are devoted to providing the most realistic princess experiences in all of Greater Vancouver. Our performers are highly trained in both performance and child care. We believe every event and party is unique, that’s why we work closely with every customer to create a princess experience that is entirely theirs.


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Do you have a maximum number of children that can attend a party?

Of course not! We understand that parties come in all shapes and sizes! Your party package will be customized according to the number of children in attendance – please speak with our booking manager to customize your party package!

What is the the facepaint or makeup, and/or nail polish?

If your package includes a choice of facepaint or makeup, and/or nail polish, this is for you! We only use high end and very safe products for your child: MAC Pro facepaint, MAC makeup, and Piggy Paint Nail Polish!

The facepaint is an image on each child’s cheek (or hand if they’d prefer!). The princess will offer them a choice of a heart, flower, snowflake or spider web! Pixie dust is added on top of the image for a little extra magic!

The makeup includes sparkly eye shadow, lip gloss and blush.

Nail Polish:
We offer a princess manicure to each child in attendance! Piggy paint nail polish is nontoxic and “friendly as mud”!

Do I have to follow the specific activities plan offered in your party packages?

Of course not! We pride ourselves on being highly customizable! It is your party for your daughter and you can select whatever items you’d like! Please speak with our booking manager for more information.

Can the princess sing or does she sing along to a backing track?

Each performer sings live to a backing track! We prioritize an authentic princess experience!

What do I need to have prepared for the princess?

Please have a chair for the performer to sit on and space in front of the chair for the children If the party is outside, please try to have a chair in the shade for the princess.

Do your party packages include tax?

Yes! We like to keep things as easy as possible and with minimal surprise to you!

Can I add extra time to the party while the princess is there?

Hypothetically yes, but it will depend on how soon or far away the next booking is! Please inquire with the booking manager ahead of your party time if you are considering this. For added time pricing, please talk to our booking manager!

Can the party be outside or at a location other than my house?

Your daughters party can be anywhere your heart desires! Please let our booking manager know so we can prep the princess for any special requirements!

Can I request a performer?

Although every performer is well trained for each character, you definitely can request a specific one! We cannot guarantee that’s performer availability for the day of your party so please speak with our booking manager to inquire!

How do I pay?

You can pay for your party via credit card or pay-pal. We will issue you an invoice and payment instructions for either option are in the confirmation email. 

What if I need to reschedule?

We understand that life happens. Should you need to reschedule here are the following guidelines:

Within 14 days before your party, there is no additional fee.
Within 10 days before your party, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.
Within 7 days before your party, an additional fee of $50 will be charged.

At the time of reschedule, any party paid in full will be reimbursed half and Crowned will only keep the deposit. The deposit will be held indefinitely and is transferable to any friend or relative.

Can I add on a coronation ceremony?

If your desired party package does not include a coronation ceremony, we can offer one with complimentary crown and box for an additional fee! Please speak with our booking manager for more information about this magical option!

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